As a part of my general adult and Paediatric ENT practice, I treat a wide variety of Ear conditions. I have developed my expertise by reading books, attending meetings and conferences, collaborating and discussions with colleagues, deep reflection, self-learning and after years of Clinical and Surgical experience. Few of the ear conditions, I treat are mentioned below. However, this is not an exhaustive list and please feel free to write an email to secretary@entconsultantclinic.co.uk or call my secretary on 07572528982 for a no obligation inquiry, if your condition is not listed below.

Ear Wax – I remove ear wax in clinic both in Adults and children, with the help of an Ear microscope and suction machine as an outpatient procedure. This is a quick, safe & painless procedure and is the gold standard procedure for dewaxing of ears, which is carried out as an outpatient procedure without anaesthetic. It is also suitable for ears with ear drum perforations and ear infections, where syringing cannot be performed. If you are coming in for ear micro suction, please instil Sodium bicarbonate/Olive oil ear drops in both ears, 3-4 days prior to and running upto your appointment to facilitate dewaxing of your ears.

Glue ear/Grommets insertion – Glue ear can cause hearing loss, recurrent ear aches and ear infections in children and adults, and can also adversely impact your child’s learning and speech development, especially in the early years when good hearing is necessary to develop good speech and build good foundation for future learning. Early insertion of Grommets in appropriately indicated cases can have significant positive effect on your child’s learning and speech development. (Attach link to ENT UK leaflet for Glue ears and grommets). There are national guidelines with regards to the management of glue ears which are as under


Glue ears in children can often fluctuate and resolves itself so conservative management may be appropriate at the first instance with surgical management (Grommets) indicated only in persistent cases.

Hearing aids can be an alternative to the Grommets although may not be tolerated by the child. I offer comprehensive service in the investigation and management of Glue ear.

Hearing loss/Deafness – Hearing loss can be sudden or gradual onset and conductive or nerve related. I offer comprehensive assessment and management for hearing loss which includes Audiometry, Tympanometry and can also arrange hearing aids, if necessary.

Tinnitus/Ringing in ears – Ringing in the ears may range from mild to severe symptoms which can be rather distressing and can keep you awake and night and cause significant distress. I offer assessment and management of Tinnitus and will discuss strategies and treatment to help you. (Attach link to ENT UK information leaflet on Tinnitus and www.tinnitus.org.uk)

Dizziness/Vertigo – Dizziness can be multifactorial and ear disorders can be one of the possible causes for it. I offer extensive assessment and management for ear related dizziness.

Hole in Ear drum/Ear drum repair – Hole in the ear drum may predispose you to have recurring ear infections and discharge, especially if you are a swimmer and do not use ear protection, as well as it may cause other problems such as earache and hearing loss. If this is not symptomatic, water precautions only may be necessary. However, in cases where it causes frequent and recurrent ear infections, an operation (Tympanoplasty/Myringoplasty) may be undertaken to repair the hole in the ear drum. (Attach link to Hole in the eardrum leaflet of ENT UK).

Bat ears/Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty – Prominent ears in children can cause problems at school with child being self-conscious of it with/without teasing at school. It may also cause problems in Adults. Deformity or absence of certain structures within the ear pinna may contribute to the prominent ears and may be corrected surgically. Mild cases may not require correction and only reassurance may be necessary.

Split ear lobe/Ear lobuloplasty – Heavy earrings may cause splitting on the earlobe. This may be corrected by a simple procedure, which may be performed under Local anesthesia injection in the ear lobe (without the need to put to sleep).